The incredible selection of Couture starts with a memory. The dream is to deliver the greatest materials and handicraft combined with past experiences and stories. Memories are often stronger than recent experiences. The creative Swedish designers duo, brings memories to reality with the most passionate designs seen these days.


The creation of each piece is done with a passion for fabrics and the frames are selected and purchased on international antique auctions. The process of selecting and cutting the materials is only one of the many steps in the production. They are followed by the craftsmanship of putting them together and the creativity in the process will continue to be a part of this.  We work with the best handicraft partners, to treat and strengthen the furniture frame and to apply the upholstery.


With the Couture memories and dreams take on a new meaning and even another function. The timeless, and inspirational qualities of people’s stories are affirmed and passed on again. New memories are created.


Pre-loved can be re-loved