Spoken Leftovers

Something to trigger that deliciously fleeting laughter, the wry smile of irony or an insightful nod.

Perhaps pangs of recognition or a lasting resonance.

Words – captured and cast in a new light.

To move, rouse, inspire, provoke.

Because they are worth hearing, seeing and feeling – over and over again.


Quotes and sayings. Fragments of a passage, a book or a concrete wall. Add an airbrush artist. Cupboards, chests of drawers, tables, jewellery, lamps, mugs and anything else that you may like. A wonderful combination.


Blue table: H: 57 cm W: 115 cm D: 55 cm

Pink table: H: 57 cm W: 60 cm D: 40 cm


Promotional Price:  11 505 SEK